What makes us different? Why do we need another church? What is the main focus of our church? What do we hope to accomplish? These are just a few of the questions that await us as we begin Open Fields Church. These are important questions and deserve our attention and honest answers. So, I decided to “put pen to paper” and simply begin discussing the questions. Truly, what I intend to do within this blog is talk about the heart of Open Fields. Who we are, what we are about and the value of pioneering yet another work.

Who We Are

Seth and I have pioneered a few things. Some have been successful, some have failed. I suppose everyone could say this about some area of their lives. It seems both exhilarating and exhausting to think about pioneering another thing in this season of our lives. So why bother? Why would we do it? If only the answer were as easy as “God told us to!” smile. The reality is this season has been difficult. We have not had a “word from the Lord” about this. No prophecy has come forth and not one command have we heard to start a church (I know… concerning, isn’t it?). But for those of you who believe a “calling” is needed, let me challenge you with what we have been challenged with!

For two years we have been through a lot. We have endured Covid, Seth has taken a sabbatical – supposedly – which was interrupted severely by the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have vastly shifted the mission trip aspects of In Motion Ministries. We have taken (a LOT) of time to seek God’s face and heart for our next steps going forward. We have complained about sitting still and feeling like we are wasting precious time and we have simultaneously known we are supposed to be still and spend time with Father God. We have asked for clear direction and specific words. We have contemplated everything from starting a business to moving across the country to retiring and finding a community where we do nothing but socialize. We have worked for a couple churches, and we have had some big projects to accomplish. We have experienced what we believe a mid-life crisis must feel like and we have felt confused and at peace. It has been two years of dichotomy.

So why would we start a church!?!? Especially in this season? And without a ‘word from the Lord’ about it? What are we doing!?

Here is what we have felt God say: “Do what you find in your heart to do, and I will be with you and I will bless it. I want you to do what thrills your heart, in doing that, it will thrill my heart.” Basically, “You have the green light. Pick something and let’s do it together!”

“Oh wow. Ok.” Now this opens a whole new set of thoughts and doors to us. This led us to the place of considering what do we find most valuable in life, truly, where is our passion? What do we want to yet put into the world? So let me now continue to the heart of Open Fields Church.

What We Are About

Seth and I realized a few things…

We love the message of God’s goodness. We love the relationship we have with God. The message of grace and God’s heart towards humanity is of incredible value!

We have discipled many and we want to do that on a deeper, broader, fuller scale. We believe our message is unique and truly changes lives and hearts. We desire to help people because we love.

We love life and having fun and having relationship with people.

All of this brought us to the place of starting a church because we want to. Even though it’s: pioneering again, takes much work, energy, and effort, it will cost us… it IS what we WANT to do because it is worth it! It makes sense with all of our history and our goals and our desire to help people – this is what fits!

This is exciting and scary and hard and fun ETC. There are many emotions tied to it – but it is what we are choosing and what we want to do. And the Lord is working with us! This brings us great joy.

Open Fields Church will be a place of learning to be disciples of Jesus, building deep community and doing life together, and FUN! We invite you to join us! If you know us at all, you know – this church will be unlike any other you have seen. We don’t do boring, and we don’t do status quo. Come and see!