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In The Dirt

Summer. These are some of my favorite days. But that may not be for the reasons you would think. I actually dislike the heat and constant sunshine. I get overheated way to easily. My body is happier in 50 degree temperatures. In fact, if you asked me, I’d say fall and winter are my favorite… Read More »In The Dirt

Rooted and Grounded in Love

*Please note: this leadership VLOG was originally produced for In Motion Ministries. The last couple of weeks I have been working on a message, and I want to share some small pieces of that message with you today! First, I want you to know, from my heart, that you are amazing, valuable, and precious people… Read More »Rooted and Grounded in Love

Why Church?

Many of you know we (Seth and I) are starting a church. Officially its name will be Open Fields Church. The question we find people asking, and sometimes not asking when they should, is: Why Church? Why have one, why start one, why attend one. We are so strongly led into the mindset that our lives are… Read More »Why Church?

Being a Disciple of Christ

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is different from being a believer. To be clear, you can be a believer without being a disciple, but you cannot be a disciple without being a believer. A simple concept, but one that does not seem to be commonly talked about among the body of Christ. Let’s unpack… Read More »Being a Disciple of Christ

Core Values

GOD IS GOOD No matter how you look at it, God is good and only good. There is no evil or wickedness in Him. Our view of God must always include this fact. He is good!   Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does… Read More »Core Values

Statement of Faith

WE BELIEVE in one God, who exists in three Persons—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is loving, holy and just.  WE BELIEVE that the Bible is God’s Word. It is inspired and accurate. It is our perfect guide in all matters of life.  WE BELIEVE that sin has separated us all from God, and that only through… Read More »Statement of Faith

The Heart of OFC

What makes us different? Why do we need another church? What is the main focus of our church? What do we hope to accomplish? These are just a few of the questions that await us as we begin Open Fields Church. These are important questions and deserve our attention and honest answers. So, I decided… Read More »The Heart of OFC