Do I sound like an info-mercial?

Smile. Just think of one little thing to smile about.

Then read on…

Do not fret. Do not have anxiety about anything. (I know…easier said than done these days – but possible!) Rather, be thankful and then lay out all of your concerns and fears and anxious thoughts. You can do this by writing them, by speaking them out loud, by using actual items to represent each anxious thought, and LAY THEM OUT BEFORE YOURSELF. Follow that with handing them off to God, to your Creator, to the One you trust above yourself. After you have laid them at His feet, be thankful again – FIND things to be thankful for. Choose items to represent those things as well and keep those items before you, in your pocket, on your desk, in your car, by the bathroom sink where you get ready – PUT them in strategic places to remind yourself to be thankful.


Welcome it. Choose it. Embrace it.

This is the assurance that you are capable, that your Creator will come through for you. You are no longer alone, as an orphan who is required to fend for themselves. (As though you are all alone, incapable, having to handle all the worlds problems. You are not.) You can let go, you can trust. This Peace can overwhelm and bring contentedness. This peace passes logical comprehension but it is meant for YOU.

For the rest…continue to think on things that are good, worthy of your thoughts, things that are lovely and lovable, kind, winsome, gracious, excellent, pure…Place your thoughts here – on these kinds of things, KNOWING your Father-Creator-One will come through for you. (This might mean eliminating social media, listening to the news, watching TV shows that portray the opposite of this list. It’s okay if you are not all caught up on the latest culture, gossip, and politics. You will not be ‘left behind’.)

Practice this (do this over and over and over again) and it will be your peace and joy.

Much love to each of you. These instructions are given as PROVEN methods to bring you peace. You only have to believe and trust they will be your hope and guide.

I am not saying you don’t need support or counsel or help – PLEASE, if you need help, go get it! But also employ these practices. You might be surprised