*Please note: this leadership VLOG was originally produced for In Motion Ministries and the short-term mission team leaders who volunteer on IMM mission trips.

How many of you utilize questions as a method for better leadership?

In this edition we are looking at:

  • Asking questions to dig deeper with team members
  • Knowing what our questions are doing inside the head of the other person. Are they confused, trying to sort something out, or passionate about what you asked them?
  • Paying attention to body language and speed to answer the question.
  • Reach out at a later time to see if that person had to process the question a bit.
  • Saundra’s favorite questions #1: What is super important to you; what is a core value that you sort everything by?
  • Saundra’s favorite questions #2: *In conflict* What in this situation, conversation, the scenario is the thing that is making you feel that way? There seems to be a lot of variables, but what is the one thing here that you are really feeling or caring about?