This week Saundra ponders how the true story of Adam and Even reveals God’s character. How do we see God’s goodness towards Adam and Eve? Was their expulsion from the Garden of Eden a punishment or God’s grace? Was God angry with Adam and Eve? What do we see within the “birth” of sin?

Questions to Consider:

  • What are the ways we see Father’s character and love in this story?
  • Where have you ‘sinned’ and tried to get yourself fulfilled on your own most recently?
  • What is important for you as you go forward? What will you “send away” and what will you “replace with?”
  • What is the unfolding truth you see within the story?
  • Where or how have you believed Father/God was mean or cruel to you? Is that true?
  • What do you see in His character in the story of Adam and Eve?
  • Where do you see Jesus in this story?

Thanks for watching!

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