Who are we?

You cannot talk about Open Fields Church without talking about people. After all, the church is not an organization, rather the church is people! We are people on a long-term adventure –learning to love God and love people. We are on a quest to know God, allow Him into every area of our lives, share this goodness with all who will listen, and live together as a family of believers desiring to pursue and know God daily.  

Open Fields Church is being built on the 25+ year history of In Motion Ministries. For many years our primary focus was short-term mission trips, now that focus is shifting to OFC.

Seth and Saundra Dunn, our pastors, have been married a long time (just ask them!). They are parents, grandparents, and longtime residents of Colorado. They have enjoyed notable success in ministry and business and have made their fair share of mistakes as well. They believe it’s not about being perfect, but embracing the journey.

What do we believe?

You can read more about what we believe in our Statement of Faith and Core Values, but here are a few key things:

God is good and only good 

The Bible is true and brings value to every area of our lives.

Love always trumps fear.

Esteem Jesus above all else.  

Why another church?

If you read about what makes us different, you will also see why we believe there is a need for another church. We believe our message is unique. The leadership of OFC has been around the block, so to speak, and have listened to many messages and theologies of many churches. We have a different message. If you are around us at all, you will quickly hear that. Here are just a few things many churches preach that OFC does not: 

-God is Sovereign. (Meaning He is fully in control of everything) 
-God is Temperamental. (He will love you one minute and curse you the next) 
-God is Mean. (He will take your child, make you poor, and ruin your life) 
-We cannot understand God or His ways. 
-We are God’s pawns. He will do with us as He wishes.  
-We are never good enough.  

OFC desires strong community, which means there will be joy, grief, laughter, pain, etc. but we will go through it together. The burden borne by more than one is a small thing to carry.  

We want to create healthy people, in a healthy community, having healthy life. 

When does OFC meet?

Friday evenings. Doors open at 6:30pm for coffee (or tea) and social time. Service starts at 7pm MST. See more info here.

What makes OFC different?

1. The typical church model is to come on Sunday morning, sing a bit, sit and listen, then leave and go about your normal life. You can do that here if you so choose.

However, our heart and intention here is different. We are building a community – which means it is a place where we actually stay in touch and do this thing called life together! We hope you will come to the fun events, the hard times, and the growing times. We intend to have a healthy family-type community.

2. The typical church theology says God is in control; He is doing, causing, and allowing every little thing to happen. He is the reason and the author of it all. OFC’s theology states that God is Sovereign – as the Queen of England is sovereign – but He is not doing all the things that happen on the earth. He gave men and women free will and authority to govern the earth, and we are the ones who are doing and causing and allowing things to happen. We are the ones governing the earth. This is how we see scripture. If you come to OFC, this is the message you will hear and see shown in the Holy Scriptures.  

3. The typical church is far too ‘spiritual’ to engage in fun. OFC believes fun is vital for creating community and family. “Those who pray together stay together” may ring true and we would add “those who play together stay together!” Life needs fun and most churches have lost this joy.  

What can you expect when attending an OFC service?

Come as you are! Wear shorts or a suit, either way is okay. Come with your strengths, come with your weaknesses. Come with what you have to share and come ready to share what you need. Living is not about getting everything right, but being willing to use your strengths to benefit others and being willing to grow where you need to grow. And by the way, we all benefit from and need constant growth.  

At OFC we embrace being committed to God’s Word as truth, committed to growth, committed to loving each other, committed to having fun and enjoying the process of living the life God has given us. Sure life has pain, but together we can come out the other side enjoying the life that Jesus paid so dearly to give us. 

OFC provides meetings with a focus on the Word of God and worship. OFC provides fun events that all ages can enjoy and together we will explore what various people call fun: games, hiking, food, watching movies, campfires, living room worship services. Bring your ideas and be ready to enjoy living! 

On Friday nights the doors open at 6:15 PM. Come ready for a cup of coffee (or tea), good conversation and the opportunity to get to know people. At 7:00 PM we will begin a service of worship and teaching the Word of God that will end by 8:30 PM. Afterwards the doors will remain open as long as you want to hang out!


Can I watch OFC online?

Yes! Every Friday night is livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube. You can also watch previous Friday nights and all our other content, including the Awkward Covernsations series on YouTube.